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Baked beans with ajvar

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September 26, 2019

If you have not done so as of yet, we highly recommend you try the famous ajvar-spiced baked beans for complete gourmet enjoyment! This dish, though lean, delights both the palate and the soul and is extremely hearty, as an appetizer, hors d'ouvre or as a main course.
Both beans and peppers have grown so well in this region that they have spawned some of the most famous, and certainly favorite, specialties of local cuisine, baked beans and ajvar, which, combined into one bite, make it an indispensable treat on every table.
There are a lot of variants and recipes for baked beans, and what matters to a good baked beans dish is a good type of white bean, connoisseurs say the best is ''tetovac'' or ''gradištanac''. In any case, it should be young white beans of larger grain, which should remain whole during cooking in order not to over-boil in the oven. Preparing the beans is very easy, even though it might take a while. The cleaned and washed beans must be left in water overnight and cooked in two batches of water the next day. This means that the beans are poured over water and cooked until boiled, then drained and rinsed with cold water to interrupt the cooking process briefly. It is then re-poured with cold water to which a few leaves of dry laurel, some salt and pepper beans are added and cook over medium-low heat until the beans are softened, which depends on the amount and type of beans, can last from one and a half to two hours.
Thusly cooked beans are ready to go with onion and ajvar, which together smells like that well-known, favorite aroma of the finest roasted pepper.

Prep: 14h
Cook: 35 mins
Yields: 4-6 servings


500g white beans

500g onions

2dcl oil

4 spoons of ajvar

4 ground paprika

salt, pepper and bay leaf


Soak the beans in water, leave to sit overnight and cook in two batches of water the next day to keep the beans whole.

Pour hot pepper over hot water to soften and strain.

Finely chop the two peppers and place together with the onions, cut into small cubes, to fry briefly until the onions are glassy.

Add salt, pepper, bay leaf and ajvar and mix everything with cooked beans.

Pour into a fireproof pan, top with two whole dry peppers and a couple more bay leaves and top in an oven preheated to 180-200C for about 15-20 minutes.


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