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Cuisine: to go

Four cheese pizza with ajvar

Ah pizza! There is not much to say about this most popular snack from Italy that has not been told yet. Or tried. We can eat pizza always and on all occasions. We equally like the classic pizza such as this four cheese pizza, as well as all new creative taste combinations, from salty to sweet pizza.

Puff pastry stars with kajmak and ajvar

Kajmak is yet another pearl of Balkan cuisine. With its dairy creaminess, along sideajvar, it gives a delightful filling to these puffy stars

Buckwheat mini pies with ajvar filling

For those of us who love pastries, pies, gibanicas, rolled pies…this recipe is a real treat. A well know base with lots of new, surprisingly refreshing flavors. These are the mini pies like you’ve never tried before!

Crunchy buckwheat chips

We all like to nibble, especially in front of the tv or computer. Here is a quick recipe for a low calorie, gluten free crunchy treat, rich in proteins and vitamin B complex.

Quick baked breakfast with ajvar

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day, and yet there’s so little time to prepare it, as we’re always rushing somewhere in the morning. This is the recipe for a quality, nutritious breakfast that makes itself while you’re getting ready for work, or school.

Guacamole with ajvar with tomato and chili

In the past few years, avocado has made itself at home in kitchens around the world, and our own imagionation is the only limit to the ways we can use it. We’ve played around with a classic Mexican dip, and it turned out great. It’s a must-try.

Zucchini bites with ajvar and cheese

Zucchini are an endless source of inspiration in culinary adventures. We present a simple recipe for light mouthfuls… light, yet flavorful and aromatic.

Puffy triangles with ajvar

A simple breakfast, dinner or snack… Easy to make, light and dlightful.

Crunchy sweet potatoes with ajvar

Sweet potatoe or batat has been on the rise for the past couple of years. This is a very simple recipe ideal as a vegan snack, or a side dish to meat.