This is where you’ll find simple and tasty recipes in which ajvar is one of the main ingredients. Quick and easy recipes for breakfast, lunch, dinner or hanging out with friends… Or simply as inspiration on your quest of finding new ways to enjoy ajvar.

Focaccia with olive oil ajvar

It is said that the focaccia recipe dates from the time of ancient Romans. We played a little bit and adapted it to all of you who avoid gluten dough or just want a healthier version of this legendary Italian classic.

Chicken steak in olive oil ajvar sauce

Chicken steak sauteed in ruch and juicy vegetable sauce with ajvar and sour cream is the right meal for the first days of autumn, when we want a mouthful of tasty and warm dish eaten with a spoon.

Shakushuka with olive oil ajvar

Shakushuka is a dish that resembles our satarash. The traditional recipe uses almost identical ingredients and what makes it different from our satarash is the way eggs are prepared, which are poached in a thick aromatic sauce, so that they remain whole and absorb all the wonderful flavors of vegetables and give the dish a beautiful appearance.

Beans and lentils burger, with ajvar

We tried and are now definitely convinced that burgers do not always have to be made of meat in order to be delicious. Our juicy burgers made of beans and lentils won even sworn meat lovers over with their taste and appearance - with a little help from ajvar.

Mushroom burger with pindjur

Succulent mushrooms, lentils and aromatic pindjur together create a real rhapsody of tastes and here we combined them into one irresistible burger. Ready in just twenty minutes and is very convenient to carry anywhere.

Sandwich with chick peas and ajvar (with olive oil)

This sandwich can be prepared in two ways. You can make it by simply putting cooked chick peas along with other ingredients between two pieces of bread, or, if you can spare about ten to fifteen minutes, you can easily and quickly convert these seemingly simple ingredients into a delicious meal with crispy chick peas coated in spices and caramelized sweet onions.

Avocado and basil spread sandwich with ajvar

We've already tried and tested the idea that avocado and ajvar are a fantastic pair. In this sandwich, we enriched them with still fresh, fragrant basil and lime for a true summer taste.
Basil has been a staple in kitchens around the world since ancient times. Even the name ancient Greeks gave to it, basilikon, translates as royal, and it speaks to how much basil was respected and loved.

Sandwich with salmon and ajvar with olive oil

Ajvar and fish? Oh yes! Do not take our word for it, just try it! We sure enjoyed eating it! The fresh flavors of gentle salmon meat, cottage cheese, fresh spices and lemon combined with the rich taste of ajvar with olive oil will satisfy even the most sophisticated palate.

Sandwich with flavored cheese, ajvar and crunchy green vegetables

They say that the secret of best quality bites is in the detail. This is definitely the case with this suggestion of ours for a wonderfully refreshing, fantastically crunchy and creamy sandwich that is perfect for a relaxing summer picnic for example.

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