This is where you’ll find simple and tasty recipes in which ajvar is one of the main ingredients. Quick and easy recipes for breakfast, lunch, dinner or hanging out with friends… Or simply as inspiration on your quest of finding new ways to enjoy ajvar.

Bruschetta with ajvar and goat cheese

Bruschetta are irresistible, savory bites, a simply fantastic opening to a dinner and evening with friends, or a light snack to accompany a good wine. There are as many different recipes for bruschetta, as there are combinations of your favorite flavors.

Puff pastry stars with kajmak and ajvar

Kajmak is yet another pearl of Balkan cuisine. With its dairy creaminess, along sideajvar, it gives a delightful filling to these puffy stars

Vegan polenta canapes with aromatic herbs, chickpeas and ajvar

Very easy to prepare canapes. They are deliciously tasty but above all they are light and healthy.

Polenta canapes with aromatic herbs, rolled tenderloin and ajvar

Canapes with polenta base have countless variations. This is a tasty combination of pork, spice herbs and ajvar. Easy to prepare and so unforgettable to taste.

Salty pie crust cookies with walnuts and ajvar

We couldn’t stop nibbling on them, that’s how irresistible they are. We hope you’ll love these salty, crispy, melt-in-the-mouth cookies with ajvar, as much as we do.

Brioche Holiday Bread

Brioche is a famous french pastry, something between a bread and a cake, whose recipe dates from the early 15th Century. Have you tried it with ajvar?

Vegan puff pastry pie with aromatic ajvar filling

This wonderfully crunchy puff pastry filled with aromatic stuffing made with fragrant mushrooms and lentils, complemented by the mildly smokey aroma of real ajvar, is a real treat for the eyes and the palate alike.

Rolled pork with spicy ajvar stuffing

What’s a holiday feast without a proper roast, sizzling seductively while you take it out of the oven. Throw in fragrant spices and a fantastic combination of walnuts and ajvar, and it becomes a true gourmet pleasure for all meat lovers.

Buckwheat mini pies with ajvar filling

For those of us who love pastries, pies, gibanicas, rolled pies…this recipe is a real treat. A well know base with lots of new, surprisingly refreshing flavors. These are the mini pies like you’ve never tried before!