Top 8 Reasons We Love Ajvar

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Ajvar has taken the world. On bread, as appetizer, side dish or ingredient of fine eating. Once tasted it instantly becomes an irreplaceable addition to every kitchen. Let’s remind ourselves why we love ajvar, the original kind made with peppers only, and all its other varieties: ajvar with tomato, ajvar with tomato and chili, ajvar with aubergine, garlic… On all occasions, all year round.

1. Unique, irresistible taste

First and foremost it’s the unique, irresistible taste and aroma that place it high among the favorite foods of the region, and make it world famous. The rich, sweet and slightly smoky aroma from premium quality roasted red pepper set off by a dash of vinegar, some fine oil and salt, the thick, silky, delicate texture, it’s gorgeous red color laced with gold hues, and delectable scent, come together to make ajvar a true gourmet experience for all senses.

2. Complete meal in 5 minutes

Sometimes all you have is 5 minutes to prepare a meal, and sometimes you just don’t feel like cooking. Whatever the case, a jar of ajvar saves the day for a quick meal with lots of variations. A slice of bread with ajvar and a glass of yogurt, scrambled eggs with ajvar, ajvar with a bit of cheese, avocado and ajvar toast, are just a few options for a well-balanced meal that’s ready in minutes.

3. Easy for on the go, wherever you go

Thanks to its thick texture, ajvar will not spill or smear easily, and is ideal for packing in your picnic basket, lunch box or a sandwich to go.

4. On a diet? Feel free to eat ajvar!

Great news, ajvar doesn’t make you fat. 100g of ajvar packs only 138kcal, or around 7kcals per teaspoon. In addition, its full, rich aroma will improve the taste of food so that even if you’re counting calories, you won’t need to deprive yourself of gastronomic flavors.

5. 100% natural and good for your health

With no additives, added sugars or preservatives, ajvar is a healthier and completely natural choice. The slow cooking process at low temperature not only enhances the tastes, but also preserves a large amount of nutrients from the peppers which are a great source of iron, vitamins A and C, the eggplant that is rich in vitamin B12 and folic acid, while the sunflower oil boasts a significant amount of vitamin E. It is a known fact that only with slow cooking tomatoes contained in ajvar with tomato and ajvar with tomato and chili release lycopene, an active substance easily absorbed by the organism, so in addition, it is a great source of this powerful antioxidant.

6. Ajvar is 100% vegan

Not only is it vegan, ajvar doesn’t contain gluten, so you can serve it at your table content that everyone will be able to enjoy it.

7. Ajvar is a unique/custom made gift

Packaged in a pretty jar, made following a special family recipe, ajvar is a unique gift not only of flavor, but of all the care and love passed on for generations, distilled into this delicacy.

8. Ajvar brings people together

It’s something no ajvar recipe will tell you, but ajvar is best made in company. And the more, the merrier. As we stated, the preparation of home-made ajvar can take days, from picking the right peppers to packaging in jars, and considering it’s made once a year in large batches, it brings together families, friends and neighbors in order to lighten the load of this great labor. Making ajvar is a unique opportunity to renew old friendships, and make new ones. And when the peppers have been roasted, and the grill is already fired up, nothing comes more natural than throwing on other delicious foods to further raise the spirit of camaraderie.

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