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And we mean original and completely natural ajvar, the kind that owes the secret of it’s exceptional taste to just 4 ingredients: the finest roasted red bell pepper, oil, vinegar and salt.

Whether you are looking for new flavors, or you’re a food lover or a connoisseur, this is the place where you’ll find literally everything about true ajvar, along with loads of inspiration on how to enjoy this irresistible delicacy.
Welcome to the world of top-notch gastronomic delight…


If you have not done so as of yet, we highly recommend you try the famous ajvar-spiced baked beans for
If you are fond of pizza or any other kind of dough, you will be nuts about pide. Pide, or
The secret of the best ajvar lies in the superior quality of peppers and long simmering on steady flame, but
Delicious and flavorful stuffed peppers with quinoa and ajvar after the first bite already have become one of our favorite
The juicy stuffed peppers seasoned with ajvar baked in the oven call for just a slice of some good bread
The soft aromatic mackerel meat cooked with fresh spices and our spicy ajvar is somewhat piquant and irresistibly delicious. And


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In search for a quite special secret, we visited a quite special place. Huddled in the slopes of mighty Kopaonik,
While enquiring about the famous "Kurtovska kapija", our favourite pepper for ajvar, we´ve met Verica Zivkovic, whose family has been
We have started our kitchen preparation for long and hot days that definitely demand less cooking, and more enjoyment in
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What could a tropical fruit and home-made ajvar possibly have in common? Although they originate from distant continents and it
Kebabs, in one way or another seem to be part of all world cuisines that prepare juicy minced grilled meat.
Nikola Jankovic, a development engineer at Bakina Tajna, reveals how factory-made ajvar may be called homemade at all, whether it's