And we mean original and completely natural ajvar, the kind that owes the secret of it’s exceptional taste to just 4 ingredients: the finest roasted red bell pepper, oil, vinegar and salt.

Whether you are looking for new flavors, or you’re a food lover or a connoisseur, this is the place where you’ll find literally everything about true ajvar, along with loads of inspiration on how to enjoy this irresistible delicacy.
Welcome to the world of top-notch gastronomic delight…


Roast sweet potatoes stuffed with ajvar sauce
The sweet potato is a very practical food. It can be cooked, baked and stuffed in many ways. Its taste
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Four cheese pizza with ajvar
Ah pizza! There is not much to say about this most popular snack from Italy that has not been told
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Pasta Bolognese with Ajvar
Bolognese sauce is one of those unsurpassed traditional Italian dishes loved worldwide. Like all the most popular specialty foods, this
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Salty Corn Muffins with Thyme and Ajvar
These muffins are in fact distant relatives of the good old corn bread molded into muffin cups. So these salty
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Light Risotto with Zucchini and Ajvar with tomato and chili
Creamy risotto with gentle zucchini and ajvar with tomato and chili is the right choice for a light, gourmet lunch
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Bruschetta with ajvar and goat cheese
Bruschetta are irresistible, savory bites, a simply fantastic opening to a dinner and evening with friends, or a light snack
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Meals rich in vegetables, legumes and cereals, prepared without animal foods, are beneficial for the body at any time of
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10 interesting things about peppers – part 2
In the sequel of the text on interesting things about our beloved peppers, we discover how the hot pepper was
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10 interesting things about peppers – part 1
Accidentally found, mistakenly named and worldwide adored, it is believed that peppers are one of first domesticated plants, and today
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How is ajvar made- Lepi Brka in ajvar adventure
How is ajvar made? What IS ajvar, in fact? A spread, a side dish, a dip, a spice… or all
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The Scrumptuous Ajvar Holiday Feast – recipes with ajvar
Holiday recipes with ajvar have been our main preoccupation these days. We’ve tried a lot of them, and made a
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5 Ways to Make Homemade Ajvar
There is one basic ajvar recipe, but as everyone who makes their own ajvar knows too well, the variations, and
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Top 8 Reasons We Love Ajvar
Ajvar has taken the world. On bread, as appetizer, side dish or ingredient of fine eating. Once tasted it instantly
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The Art of Picking the best Pepper for ajvar
The truth is that ajvar can be made from pretty much any kind of red peppers. However, premium quality ajvar
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