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Meals rich in vegetables, legumes and cereals, prepared without animal foods, are beneficial for the body at any time of the year and especially in this pre-spring period. Vegan food is also a natural choice after winter and festive dining. This food nourishes regenerates and provides necessary nutrients for good energy, vitality, and even a better mood.

Vegan recipes with ajvarAt the same time, vegan food does not mean that we must give up the great natural flavors of genuine home cuisine. In fact, many of them, at least for our tasters, have become the most adored ones because of their tastes and smells. The secret of this irresistibility is in ajvar, ajvar with tomato and ajvar with tomato and chili as our main ingredients and spices, which have given each of these aromas a completely new, special dimension of taste.

What makes ajvar, ajvar with tomato and ajvar with tomato and chili the ideal ingredients of light, vegan dishes despite their magnificent taste is also a small amount of calories they contain. For example, a teaspoon of ajvar contains only seven calories, so the dishes still remain light. And for all of you to whom this information matters, ajvar, ajvar with tomato and ajvar with tomato and chili contain no gluten.

So whether you eat vegan food for fasting or just want to enrich your diet with light dishes in this period, we’ve put here, all in one place, our most appealing recipes for vegan breakfast, lunch or dinner that are prepared quickly and easily.

Roasted sweet potatoes with ajvar sauce

Sweet potato is an extraordinary food, nutritionally very rich, with fine mild taste, cooked in no time. Here we’ve enriched it with thick, aromatic ajvar and tomato sauce and covered with grilled vegetables and toasted chickpeas wrapped in spices for fantastic and quick lunch or dinner.

Veggie balls with ajvar
Vegan recipes vegie balls with ajvar

These veggie balls exactly are one of our most popular recipes. We’ve made them with red beans, seeds, ajvar and spices, and they are wonderful because they can be served in many ways. In tomato sauce, with some fine vegan pasta, fresh vegetables or salad – the choice is yours!

Guacamole with ajvar with tomato and chili
Vegan recepies Guacamole with ajvar

If you are a fan of spicy, piquant flavors, you have to try this combination. As avocado dip or spread with fresh, mild taste, our home-made ajvar with tomato and chili has spiced it up just as it should. Add hot toast or crispy chips made with buckwheat pastry sheets and you get a great and healthy snack for you and your friends.

Zucchini with quinoa and ajvar with tomato
Vegan recepies Zucchini with quinoa

Next time you prepare tomato sauce, add a spoonful of ajvar with tomato inside. Ajvar with tomato is ideal to enrich sauces with its aromas, but also with its texture, and so this one as well in which we cooked our delicious zucchini filled with quinoa, seeds and almonds medley.

Grilled asparagus and ajvar

A season of beautiful, gentle asparagus awaits us, and if you haven’t prepared them yet, check here how it looks like – it’s simple. We love them the most when grilled, with a pinch of coarse sea salt and lemon juice. Dipped in ajvar, of course.

Risotto with zucchini and ajvar with tomato and chili

Another healthy and light dish bursting with good tastes. Creamy risotto with fine zucchini and basil becomes irresistible with just a little ajvar with tomato and chili.

Tagliatelle with mushrooms and ajvar with tomato

Another favorite of all of us who can’t do without pasta. Just imagine all those flavors of red roasted peppers, aubergine, tomatoes, garlic, fresh parsley and braised mushrooms stuck in warm pasta. We say – real enjoyment.

Roasted new potatoes Vegan roasted recepies

New potatoes roasted in herbs are one of the heralds of the spring that we always like to see on the table. With ajvar they become a tasty side dish or light dinner, and if you add to them our fresh aromatic salad, or even early peas with some dill, you get lovely spring lunch.

Vegan aromatic pie with ajvar

For all those occasions when you want to make festivity out of a meal, we recommend this irresistibly crispy and juicy pie with a rich mushroom, lentil and ajvar filling wrapped in gentle puff pastry.

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