Salty Corn Muffins with Thyme and Ajvar |

by mmitic86

Salty Corn Muffins with Thyme and Ajvar


February 8, 2018

These muffins are in fact distant relatives of the good old corn bread molded into muffin cups. So these salty corn snacks are convenient to take away and serve, and even more convenient when socializing or celebrating.

We played with the recipe for corn bread and made even four different combinations. We obtained genuine white corn mill flour, spiced it with aromatic and healthy fresh thyme, add whole sour milk to make the dough even finer and softer and finally gave a totally new dimension to these juicy bites with genuine ajvar.

The pan with these various muffins reminded us, in fact, of the chocolate box and awakened the same excitement as when we opened chocolate pralines to see what kind of filling was inside. That was the way we tasted our muffins, too. The one from which ajvar filling leaks when cut, then the colorful textures all interspersed with ajvar, or, not being far behind it, the muffin with baked ajvar filling, for us more resembling a kind of cake, or the one that we cut in half in the tradition of fine English scones and served with a thick ajvar layer. The true splendor! In just 20 minutes or so. Whether you choose to make only one or all of the four variants in the same pan, we guarantee good fun and superb enjoyment of flavors.

  • Prep: 10 mins
  • Cook: 20 mins
  • Yields: 16 muffins


500g white corn flour

1 baking powder

Salt to taste

Fresh thyme to taste

500g thick sour milk

3 eggs

2-3 tablespoons oil

About 500g ajvar



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