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Spring pastry filled with zucchini

Brilliant quick and delicious snacks with their colorful look will make every Easter table colorful and decorated. At the same time, they are so convenient for making and packaging that they are great at almost any occasion. And in all those situations where we have some excess food after feasts, this pastry may be one of the solutions. They can be made with any dough you like, laminated dough, leavened dough, pie crust, pizza dough and filled with various kinds of ajvar, ajvar with tomato, ajvar with tomato and chili, ajvar green and baby spring vegetables, cheese, eggs, ham, virtually all the combinations that you can imagine. The ajvar base makes the basis of these delicious snacks sufficiently juicy, and the entire filling is especially aromatic and irresistibly delicious.

Quiche with baby vegetables, almonds and ajvar

Quiche is one of the specialties of the famous French cuisine that quickly became very popular around the world. First of all, because of its good taste, but also the ease of preparation and the innumerable possibilities to modify the original recipe. Namely, this dish is so popular that its original recipe is even celebrated every 20th of May as National Quiche Lorraine Day. It is equally tasty either hot or cold, and we made it here as per a basic recipe for pie crust and enriched it with ajvar for a fantastic lush bite.

Light Risotto with Zucchini and Ajvar with tomato and chili

Creamy risotto with gentle zucchini and ajvar with tomato and chili is the right choice for a light, gourmet lunch or dinner. Although a low-calorie dish, it is at the same time full of seductive flavors, above all thanks to the addition of an aromatic ajvar with tomato and chili which served us here as the main spice.

Zucchini bites with ajvar and cheese

Zucchini are an endless source of inspiration in culinary adventures. We present a simple recipe for light mouthfuls… light, yet flavorful and aromatic.

Zucchini stuffed with quinoa in ajvar sauce

A whole new interpretation of a classic recipe we all know well. If you don’t believe zucchini filled with something other than meat can still taste fantastic, make sure you try this version. You will be delighted.