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Sweet potato and aubergine bruschette

We call them bruschette even though they’re not made from bread. Let's say that these mouth-watering snacks made from sweet potato and aubergine are a healthy version of bruschette and a more fun one, too, not only thanks to their taste, but also because of the variety of colours that lure us into indulgence in food.

Spring bowl with quinoa, baked sweet potatoes and green vegetables

These cheerful colorful bowls represent an excellent choice for a complete meal, especially in the spring when it's good for all of us to please our body with a more natural, complete diet based on powerful vegetables, cereals, legumes, nuts and seeds. These meals are cooked quickly and easily, and each portion of the meal may be simply packed to take for all those occasions when you need tasty and healthy lunch outside your home. We have prepared them here as an inspiration in two different forms, and we let you continue to play with flavors, scents and colors that, in addition to enjoying the snack, surely bring good mood.

Roast sweet potatoes stuffed with ajvar sauce

The sweet potato is a very practical food. It can be cooked, baked and stuffed in many ways. Its taste is delicate taste and most resembles the muscat pumpkin, whereas its texture is dry and gentle.

Crunchy sweet potatoes with ajvar

Sweet potatoe or batat has been on the rise for the past couple of years. This is a very simple recipe ideal as a vegan snack, or a side dish to meat.