Category: meat

Eggplant boats with minced meat and ajvar

The secret of the best ajvar lies in the superior quality of peppers and long simmering on steady flame, but we prefer to say that the key to the best dish is a couple of tablespoons of ajvar. So we invite you to try our variation of this adored classic of home-cooked meal ─ stuffed blue eggplant.

Chicken steak in olive oil ajvar sauce

Chicken steak sauteed in ruch and juicy vegetable sauce with ajvar and sour cream is the right meal for the first days of autumn, when we want a mouthful of tasty and warm dish eaten with a spoon.

Polenta canapes with aromatic herbs, rolled tenderloin and ajvar

Canapes with polenta base have countless variations. This is a tasty combination of pork, spice herbs and ajvar. Easy to prepare and so unforgettable to taste.

Rolled pork with spicy ajvar stuffing

What’s a holiday feast without a proper roast, sizzling seductively while you take it out of the oven. Throw in fragrant spices and a fantastic combination of walnuts and ajvar, and it becomes a true gourmet pleasure for all meat lovers.

Turkey fillet with pancetta and green pepper ajvar

Ajvar and meat are age-old friends. In this recipe we’ve stuffed turkey with malidzano – ajvar made from green peppers, and a few other fine ingredients. Try it yourself, we guarantee you’ll love it.

Lasagna bolognese with ajvar

We take it everyone has tried lasagna at some point. But we bet you’ve never had lasagna with ajvar. We have, and we heartily recommend it to you.

Moussaka with ajvar

Pretty much everyone in these parts is well acquainted with moussaka. This recipe is a little different, and boasts a new, fresh aroma it owes to no other than his majesty – the ajvar.

Spicy risotto with veal and ajvar with tomato and chili

This recipe is proof that ajvar goes with any sort of food. Risotto is considered a light, simple dish, and some ajvar or ajvar with tomato and chili will completely transform its aroma. Try it.