And we mean original and completely natural ajvar, the kind that owes the secret of it’s exceptional taste to just 4 ingredients: the finest roasted red bell pepper, oil, vinegar and salt.

Whether you are looking for new flavors, or you’re a food lover or a connoisseur, this is the place where you’ll find literally everything about true ajvar, along with loads of inspiration on how to enjoy this irresistible delicacy.
Welcome to the world of top-notch gastronomic delight…


Mushroom burger with pindjur
Succulent mushrooms, lentils and aromatic pindjur together create a real rhapsody of tastes and here we combined them into one
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Sandwich with chick peas and ajvar (with olive oil)
This sandwich can be prepared in two ways. You can make it by simply putting cooked chick peas along with
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Avocado and basil spread sandwich with ajvar
We've already tried and tested the idea that avocado and ajvar are a fantastic pair. In this sandwich, we enriched
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Sandwich with salmon and ajvar with olive oil
Ajvar and fish? Oh yes! Do not take our word for it, just try it! We sure enjoyed eating it!
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Sandwich with flavored cheese, ajvar and crunchy green vegetables
They say that the secret of best quality bites is in the detail. This is definitely the case with this
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Spring pastry filled with ham
Brilliant quick and delicious snacks with their colorful look will make every Easter table colorful and decorated. At the same
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