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Cuisine: appetizer

Brioche Bread

Brioche is a famous french pastry, something between a bread and a cake, whose recipe dates from the early 15th Century. Have you tried it with ajvar?

Vegan puff pastry pie with aromatic ajvar filling

This wonderfully crunchy puff pastry filled with aromatic stuffing made with fragrant mushrooms and lentils, complemented by the mildly smokey aroma of real ajvar, is a real treat for the eyes and the palate alike.

Crunchy buckwheat chips

We all like to nibble, especially in front of the tv or computer. Here is a quick recipe for a low calorie, gluten free crunchy treat, rich in proteins and vitamin B complex.

Zucchini bites with ajvar and cheese

Zucchini are an endless source of inspiration in culinary adventures. We present a simple recipe for light mouthfuls… light, yet flavorful and aromatic.

Grilled eggplant with ajvar and malidzano

For when you’re in need of a quick meal, laden with late summer meditteranean flavours. This base recipe is easily upgraded with different kinds of cheeses, prochiutto or some other delicacy of your choice. Play around to discover your favourite version.

Crunchy sweet potatoes with ajvar

Sweet potatoe or batat has been on the rise for the past couple of years. This is a very simple recipe ideal as a vegan snack, or a side dish to meat.

Bruschetta with basil and ajvar

Tasty mouthfuls ready in 15 minutes, for when you’ve got people coming over, need a healthy snack or just can’t be bothered with making a complex dinner.

Aromatic salad and ajvar on toast

Breakfast, snack or dinner made in mere minutes… A sandwich can be a healthy meal option, especially if it’s made with whole grains, veggies and seeds.