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Cuisine: lunch

Tender turkey fillet with ajvar

Here's something to tempt your tastebuds: tender and aromatic slices of turkey fillet with the enchanting taste of smoked pancetta and rich aroma of ajvar.

Roast sweet potatoes stuffed with ajvar sauce

The sweet potato is a very practical food. It can be cooked, baked and stuffed in many ways. Its taste is delicate taste and most resembles the muscat pumpkin, whereas its texture is dry and gentle.

Four cheese pizza with ajvar

Ah pizza! There is not much to say about this most popular snack from Italy that has not been told yet. Or tried. We can eat pizza always and on all occasions. We equally like the classic pizza such as this four cheese pizza, as well as all new creative taste combinations, from salty to sweet pizza.

Pasta Bolognese with Ajvar

Bolognese sauce is one of those unsurpassed traditional Italian dishes loved worldwide. Like all the most popular specialty foods, this one is incredibly simple, either, its basic recipe contains only a few well-combined ingredients, and the sauce itself can be combined in numerous dishes.

Light Risotto with Zucchini and Ajvar with tomato and chili

Creamy risotto with gentle zucchini and ajvar with tomato and chili is the right choice for a light, gourmet lunch or dinner. Although a low-calorie dish, it is at the same time full of seductive flavors, above all thanks to the addition of an aromatic ajvar with tomato and chili which served us here as the main spice.