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Baked beans with ajvar

If you have not done so as of yet, we highly recommend you try the famous ajvar-spiced baked beans for complete gourmet enjoyment! This dish, though lean, delights both the palate and the soul and is extremely hearty, as an appetizer, hors d'ouvre or as a main course.

Stuffed peppers with quinoa and ajvar

Delicious and flavorful stuffed peppers with quinoa and ajvar after the first bite already have become one of our favorite variants of this famous dish, which we heartily recommend you to try.
The slightly nutty quinoa taste combined with the home-made ajvar and the thick sauce in which we simmered our peppers gave a whole wealth of flavors to our stuffed peppers. Even easier to prepare than rice, quinoa is also an extremely healthy foodstuff, protein-rich and high in nutritional value, so it fits perfectly into our recipe, which is good for the whole body and soul.
For a little more inspiration on how else you can make stuffed peppers, check out our recipe for Lenten stuffed peppers with ajvar.

Tomato soup with rice and ljutenica

For all us fans of spicy, gourmet food, tomato soup with rice and ljutenica is a perfect solution. Whether you serve it warm or cold, they say that this soup is so good that you won't be needing bread to go with it.

Tomato soup with chard, chickpeas, and ajvar

Another version of classic tomato soup, this time with chard, chickpeas, and ajvar, has completely won our hearts. Ready in no time, this dish, which is wonderful and gentle in flavour, is perfect refreshment during hot days and it will make you feel full.

Chicken steak in olive oil ajvar sauce

Chicken steak sauteed in ruch and juicy vegetable sauce with ajvar and sour cream is the right meal for the first days of autumn, when we want a mouthful of tasty and warm dish eaten with a spoon.

Beans and lentils burger, with ajvar

We tried and are now definitely convinced that burgers do not always have to be made of meat in order to be delicious. Our juicy burgers made of beans and lentils won even sworn meat lovers over with their taste and appearance - with a little help from ajvar.

Mushroom burger with pindjur

Succulent mushrooms, lentils and aromatic pindjur together create a real rhapsody of tastes and here we combined them into one irresistible burger. Ready in just twenty minutes and is very convenient to carry anywhere.

Sandwich with salmon and ajvar with olive oil

Ajvar and fish? Oh yes! Do not take our word for it, just try it! We sure enjoyed eating it! The fresh flavors of gentle salmon meat, cottage cheese, fresh spices and lemon combined with the rich taste of ajvar with olive oil will satisfy even the most sophisticated palate.

Spring pastry filled with ham

Brilliant quick and delicious snacks with their colorful look will make every Easter table colorful and decorated. At the same time, they are so convenient for making and packaging that they are great at almost any occasion. And in all those situations where we have some excess food after feasts, this pastry may be one of the solutions. They can be made with any dough you like, laminated dough, leavened dough, pie crust, pizza dough and filled with various kinds of ajvar, ajvar with tomato, ajvar with tomato and chili, ajvar green and baby spring vegetables, cheese, eggs, ham, virtually all the combinations that you can imagine. The ajvar base makes the basis of these delicious snacks sufficiently juicy, and the entire filling is especially aromatic and irresistibly delicious.