Cuisine: dinner

Oven stew (đuveč) with ajvar and homemade sausage

Ajvar oven stew (đuveč) is a true example of how just a few spoons of ajvar transform one ordinary dish into a feast for all the senses.

Baked beans with ajvar

If you have not done so as of yet, we highly recommend you try the famous ajvar-spiced baked beans for complete gourmet enjoyment! This dish, though lean, delights both the palate and the soul and is extremely hearty, as an appetizer, hors d'ouvre or as a main course.

Pide (Turkish pizza) with chopped beef and ajvar

If you are fond of pizza or any other kind of dough, you will be nuts about pide. Pide, or Turkish version of pizza, is a soft dough filled with various stuffings. For this occassion, we have chosen a juicy combination of chopped beef and ajvar.

Eggplant boats with minced meat and ajvar

The secret of the best ajvar lies in the superior quality of peppers and long simmering on steady flame, but we prefer to say that the key to the best dish is a couple of tablespoons of ajvar. So we invite you to try our variation of this adored classic of home-cooked meal ─ stuffed blue eggplant.

Aromatic mackerel from oven over a cold salsa salad

The soft aromatic mackerel meat cooked with fresh spices and our spicy ajvar is somewhat piquant and irresistibly delicious. And for a complete gourmet experience, we recommend it with a refreshing cold seasonal vegetable salsa salad.

Sweet potato and aubergine bruschette

We call them bruschette even though they’re not made from bread. Let's say that these mouth-watering snacks made from sweet potato and aubergine are a healthy version of bruschette and a more fun one, too, not only thanks to their taste, but also because of the variety of colours that lure us into indulgence in food.

Beans and lentils burger, with ajvar

We tried and are now definitely convinced that burgers do not always have to be made of meat in order to be delicious. Our juicy burgers made of beans and lentils won even sworn meat lovers over with their taste and appearance - with a little help from ajvar.

Mushroom burger with pindjur

Succulent mushrooms, lentils and aromatic pindjur together create a real rhapsody of tastes and here we combined them into one irresistible burger. Ready in just twenty minutes and is very convenient to carry anywhere.

Sandwich with chick peas and ajvar (with olive oil)

This sandwich can be prepared in two ways. You can make it by simply putting cooked chick peas along with other ingredients between two pieces of bread, or, if you can spare about ten to fifteen minutes, you can easily and quickly convert these seemingly simple ingredients into a delicious meal with crispy chick peas coated in spices and caramelized sweet onions.

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