Cuisine: breakfast

Pide (Turkish pizza) with chopped beef and ajvar

If you are fond of pizza or any other kind of dough, you will be nuts about pide. Pide, or Turkish version of pizza, is a soft dough filled with various stuffings. For this occassion, we have chosen a juicy combination of chopped beef and ajvar.

Tomato soup with pindjur

Refreshing home-made tomato soup is always welcome on the table, especially during summer months when we can use juicy, fresh tomato to make it. And when we boost its flavour with authentic home-made pinđur and serve it with a bit of sour cream and a slice of good bread, it seems like it can't get better, right?

Sweet potato and aubergine bruschette

We call them bruschette even though they’re not made from bread. Let's say that these mouth-watering snacks made from sweet potato and aubergine are a healthy version of bruschette and a more fun one, too, not only thanks to their taste, but also because of the variety of colours that lure us into indulgence in food.

Sandwich with chick peas and ajvar (with olive oil)

This sandwich can be prepared in two ways. You can make it by simply putting cooked chick peas along with other ingredients between two pieces of bread, or, if you can spare about ten to fifteen minutes, you can easily and quickly convert these seemingly simple ingredients into a delicious meal with crispy chick peas coated in spices and caramelized sweet onions.

Sandwich with flavored cheese, ajvar and crunchy green vegetables

They say that the secret of best quality bites is in the detail. This is definitely the case with this suggestion of ours for a wonderfully refreshing, fantastically crunchy and creamy sandwich that is perfect for a relaxing summer picnic for example.

Tender turkey fillet with ajvar

Here's something to tempt your tastebuds: tender and aromatic slices of turkey fillet with the enchanting taste of smoked pancetta and rich aroma of ajvar.

Salty Corn Muffins with Thyme and Ajvar

These muffins are in fact distant relatives of the good old corn bread molded into muffin cups. So these salty corn snacks are convenient to take away and serve, and even more convenient when socializing or celebrating.

Bruschetta with ajvar and goat cheese

Bruschetta are irresistible, savory bites, a simply fantastic opening to a dinner and evening with friends, or a light snack to accompany a good wine. There are as many different recipes for bruschetta, as there are combinations of your favorite flavors.

Puff pastry stars with kajmak and ajvar

Kajmak is yet another pearl of Balkan cuisine. With its dairy creaminess, along sideajvar, it gives a delightful filling to these puffy stars