Grilled eggplant with ajvar and malidzano

Grilled eggplant with ajvar and malidzano

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September 3, 2017

Light dinner. A phrase disrespected even more times than it is overused. Mostly because we can’t be bothered with cooking, and it’s easier to just munch on something in passing. We might take this matter lightly, but in time, it’s what makes us heavier. That’s why a light dinner should became a habit to us all.
Grilled eggplant with ajvar and malidzano- green pepper ajvar is exactly that. A light recipe dominated by vegetables.
The base of this dish is eggplant, and even though an eggplant seems large and sturdy, it has a high water content and is very low in calories, so it’s a recommended food for weight loss. Fresh and raw, it tastes quite bitter, but grilling transforms it into something fantastic.
And when you top it with ajvar and malidzano, these green and red pepper spreads, you get some light, healthy, tasty and colorful mouthfuls.

  • Prep: 30 mins
  • Cook: 15 mins
  • Yields: 4 plates


2 large eggplants

salt to taste

2 tbsp oil

3 tbsp ajvar

3 tbsp malidzano- green pepper ajvar

Cheese, basil, tomato (optional)


Wash and dry eggplant, then cut lengthwise in thin stripes.

Place them side by side, salt, and let drain for 15 minutes or more, until they are soft.

Grill the lightly oiled eggplant on both sides, and serve with ajvar and green pepper ajvar, and optionally with basil, tomato and white cheeses.


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