This is where you’ll find simple and tasty recipes in which ajvar is one of the main ingredients. Quick and easy recipes for breakfast, lunch, dinner or hanging out with friends… Or simply as inspiration on your quest of finding new ways to enjoy ajvar.

Omelet with ajvar

Omelet, one of those dishes we start to like as children and of which we are never bored.
We're sure you already know that for a good omelet, the most important thing is that the eggs are fresh, and the oil is hot. If you can find farm fresh eggs in addition to that, there’s a healthy, quick and delicious meal.

Sweet potato and aubergine bruschette

We call them bruschette even though they’re not made from bread. Let's say that these mouth-watering snacks made from sweet potato and aubergine are a healthy version of bruschette and a more fun one, too, not only thanks to their taste, but also because of the variety of colours that lure us into indulgence in food.

Lenten shepherd’s pie with mushrooms, sweet potato and ajvar

This is one of those recipes that works every time, that we’re always happy to return to over and over again, and that we warmly recommend you try.

Cups with ricotta and wild-fruit spread with honey

If you’re a fan of sweet and savoury snacks just like we are, this is the right recipe for you. Fine, crispy cups have a juicy, refreshing surprise hidden within, full of soft ricotta, almonds, and wonderful wild fruit with natural honey. Authentic festive snacks for all foodies!

Cheese and ajvar balls

They look fantastic and taste even better. These savoury balls are a real feast for the eyes. The wonderfully creamy balls, aromatised with ajvar, herbs, nuts, and sun-dried tomato, have fine stuffed olives hidden within, making them a tasty snack, which you pick joyfully just like a box of chocolates.

Savoury vanilla cookies with ajvar

These are one of those cookies that we can’t say no to and that we can’t stop nibbling on until we get them all off the plate, so we warmly recommend them, both for parties and for every occasion when you start missing the warmth of authentic home-made meals.

Tofu scramble with ajvar

Tofu is a high-quality and widespread type of food that can be prepared in an indefinite number of tasty ways, and in this recipe, we introduce one of these ways that we heartily recommend you try out! Aromatic tofu scramble with ajvar

Savoury strudel with ajvar

It’s a fantastic asset to a festive menu or Sunday lunch, but with a little salad, it’s easily turned into an entire meal. No matter what occasion you make it for, we’re sure you’ll love it just like we do.

Quick fritters

A perfect recipe to make weekend mornings nicer and gather the friends around the table. These incredibly crispy and rich quick fritters, as their name suggests, are made in no time.

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